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Aleksandar Kosovac, Operations Manager, TEL: +381 69 30 555 27

Project Development

Project development services include supervising and coordinating all aspects of the developments, including construction, hiring property managers and architects and applying for licenses and approvals. Project development services are provided until the completion of construction of a project.

Property Services

Embassy Techzones provides property management services such as security, housekeeping, transportation services, equipment maintenance, fire protection, landscaping, pest control, fit out insurance amongst other maintenance activities. Embassy's property management services enables us to provide maximum value and capital appreciation for our properties.

About Embassy Services

Housekeeping Services

The primary requirement of a good property is a clean and well-maintained environment.

With our Housekeeping Services, we work towards increasing productivity.

We have expert teams in place, led by experienced professionals, that execute operations efficiently. They ensure that all areas of the premises are kept spotless and hygienic, at all times of the day, without any disruptions in regular operations.

By operating through optimum costs, we maintain the highest standards of maintenance and hygiene, and ensure client satisfaction.

The Core Services feature:

  • Hard and soft cleaning
  • Pest Control
  • Facade cleaning
  • Waste Management

In addition to the regular cleaning services, there are certain process and practices which we follow, to maintain a high standard amongst our clients:

  • Use of eco-friendly non toxic consumables (Johnson Diversey’s Taski) to clean all surfaces.
  • Mechanized cleaning is used in most places such as floors, rooms, surfaces, restrooms.
    • Use of ride-on sweepers to cover large areas quickly, more efficiently and at a lower cost.
    • Manual sweepers used for common areas.
  • Advanced tools such as telescopic rods and jeep ladders are used.
  • Building Audits are done at regular intervals for continuous improvement.

As part of Embassy Services Corporate Social Responsibility initiative, the expertise of the housekeeping services is also extended to two Embassy Group sponsored Government schools.


Security Services

To focus solely on property development, you need a safe and worry-free environment.

Our well-trained and efficient security teams provide this environment. The members of these teams have the right mix of experience and expertise, with a healthy proportion of them coming with a background in the Armed Forces. These teams work round-the-clock to ensure that our clients have a secure environment.

Given the importance of these services, we take the automation route to ensure minimum dependence on manpower for tracking and response. For example, the 119 CCTV cameras at Embassy Manyata Business Park ensure that all areas of the property are covered and incident tracking can happen on a real time basis.

Additional process and practices set up include:

  • Static and Patrol Guards
  • Emergency evacuation drill: twice a year for each tower
  • Robust fire alarm / fire protection system for each tower
  • Regular safety audits
  • Liaison with the local police and fire authorities to ensure timely response to any crisis
  • Liaison with local community leaders to manage civil unrest
  • Vehicle based Quick Response Team
  • Under Vehicle Scanner System which captures all vehicle details including number plates
  • Trained gunmen for emergencies
  • Managing VIP visits from the corporate and civil authorities
  • Threat assessment and disaster management planning
  • Parking and visitor management services


Engineering Services

Complex properties like IT Parks and Commercial spaces use sophisticated equipment for their day to day activities.

Maintaining properties at massive scales has given us an extensive understanding of the engineering requirements of our clients’ businesses.

We understand that the smooth functioning of this equipment is critical to our clients’ businesses and we follow a rigorous preventive maintenance schedule that keeps the machines and systems in top notch working condition. The technical management services include the following areas:

  • Electrical systems
  • Diesel Generators
  • HVAC systems
  • Common Area Vertical Transport systems (lift)
  • STP / WTP
  • Plumbing and Sanitation

A structured Management Information System (MIS) is followed through which a real time tab is kept on the health of the managed equipment.  Equipment productivity such as diesel efficiency, IKW, maintenance schedule etc. is tracked as well. Along with this, a strong Building Automation Service (BAS) practice is followed. This allows for optimization of electrical, thermal and water based services.

Another initiative we are practicing at Embassy TechVillage is Total Productive Maintenance, which we are looking to replicate across our properties. TPM entails a comprehensive visual factory across the maintenance service offering, which further strengthens our preventive maintenance.

On the maintenance side, Embassy also provides the following services:

  • Managing annual maintenance contracts (AMC) for equipment
  • Building liability management such as scrap sales
  • Maintaining Government approvals, licences and fulfilling regulatory requirements
  • Third Party audits and certifications



Taking a sense of a pride in the place you stay translates to productivity and satisfaction.

Being truly world class is also reflected in the appearance of the properties we maintain, and we take a lot of pride in our landscaping.

When we make your surroundings beautiful, we do it in a way that is sustainable and in line with our commitment to the environment. The many awards we have secured for horticulture excellence validate this commitment.

Some practices we follow:

  • Use of organic fertilizers
  • 60% of water used is STP processed water at the business parks
  • Reuse of garden waste post the de-compost process


Environment Management

The core of any successful venture is sustainability.

At Embassy Services, environment management is not just a service we provide but a commitment followed by each and every individual and organization associated with us. We provide full support to the green initiatives taken up or suggested by our clients and recommend measures from our end as well.

Some of these initiatives include providing them with parking spaces for their cycles, battery charging points in the basements for electric vehicles, using aerators across parks to regulate water consumption, amongst other things. We are always thinking of new ways to meet sustainability standards.

We ensure that the minimum requirement of ensuring compliance with the regulatory requirements and sharing of the relevant monthly / quarterly / annual approvals are available and provided to the client. Regular ambient environment status checks by certified bodies are also conducted, and based on their feedback, corrective actions are taken.

Some of the practices followed are:

  • Conservation of water by using treated wastewater for secondary purposes like, gardening, HVAC chillers feed, floor washing & toilet flushing.
  • Fixing of water conservation fixtures (flow restrictors, flow aerators) in all rest rooms taps of our buildings.
  • Fixing of flow meters to measure incoming tanker water.
  • Fixing of Energy meter to measure energy consumption for the treatment of generating wastewater across all STP’s.
  • Construction of Organic Waste Converter for composting and production of organic manure for gardening purposes from generating wet solid waste across the campus.
  • Development of vermin-composting using garden trimming to produce manure for gardening.
  • Rainwater harvesting and Ground water recharge system.

Additionally, we promote the spirit of environment conservation by celebrating environment related events of global significance like World Environmental Day, Green Consumers Day, No Tobacco Day, etc.